SMC (Sheet Moulding Compound)

SMC (Sheet Moulding Compound)

Content in polyester, glass fibers, mineral fillers, including pigments and material with various additives can be shaped like plate between two plastics and it’s a composite material.


Besides, thanks to improved technology, it is more resistant than any metal, having more lifetime compared to plastics, and it is also stainless is free. It is conform to food regulations does not lead to a bad smell, doesn’t get effectedby warm and cold weather temperatures. It is a highly convenient metarial for development.


The place of usage;

•       The Airframe

•       The sidings

•       Auto and truck body parts

•       Traffic signs

•       The windmills

•       Electricity , switch, natural gas boards, transformers

•       Parts of infrastructures (manhole, crenel covers, sewer pipe)

•       Kitchen , sink, table ,chair, oven, household electrical appliances,etc.

•       Headlamps of auto

•       Stadium, chairs of train

•       Armatures of basin & Bath cabinet and toilet seat covers






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